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Fern Avenue Jr & Sr Public School

ver 100 new books!

Thank you to Manon & Louise (my mother and sister in-law) who contributed to the classroom library with a generous gift of over 100 new books.   As you may or may not be aware, room 206 was quite bare when I moved in late August.  Not much of any resources to be had especially in books (90% of the books you see in the class belong to Mr.Luc).  Well it is good to know that we have guardian angels in Montreal, because my family came through when I explained my situation.  Louise works at La Bibliothèque nationale in Montreal in the children’s section.

Drop them a line if you wish to thank them.  They would love to here from you.  I can vouch for the students; they are enjoying the books quite a bit. 

Merci - Thank  you